Current Giveaways

Kid's Sock/Stuffed Animal Giveaway (ends 3/13)

Purex Complete Crystals Giveaway--3 winners (ends 3/20)

Giveaway Policy:

Please note that all entries will be checked, and the blog administrator makes the decision whether each giveaway post is valid or not.  The blog administrator will be as fair as she can be in this situation.  If she is unable to find the information or multiple posting is suspected, those posts can be deleted by the blog administrator at any time.  Invalid entries that are not "caught" prior to the selection of the winner(s) will be considered valid.  Valid entries that have been deleted shall be considered invalid unless the entrant contacts the blog administrator prior to selection of winner(s) and disputes the decision.  The blog administrator has the final decision concerning the validity of these entries.  If the entrant does not give himself/herself the correct amount of comments for an entry, that will be the fault of the entrant, not the blog administrator. If the winner(s) do not receive the prize he/she won, it is his/her responsibility to contact the blog administrator  within a reasonable amount of time (4-6 weeks) or he/she will forfeit the prize.  Failure to respond to the blog administrator's "winner e-mail" may result in the forfeiture of the prize. All questions should be directed to the blog administrator (see the "contact me" link on the homepage of the blog).


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