Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Peter's Example

Yep, I've heard every sermon imaginable about Peter walking on water. I figured there wasn't anything I could learn. And yet there is. There are times, as this devotional points out, that it would be easier to stay in the boat as the other 11 disciples did. It is seemingly safe. Jesus is far away, but He is in sight. Storms are raging around me, and I know that if I stay in the boat, I am at least somewhat protected from the storms. In fact, there are times I am certain I have a yacht or a big ocean liner. I should be safe. I don't have to move forward.

And then I have this desire to be close to Jesus. Just as Peter did. I feel so far from Him. He hasn't moved--I have. Jesus calls me to come to Him. And so now I go out into the storm. If I keep my eyes on Him, I will not fall. The moment I take my eyes off Him, down I will go. But He will come to my rescue! And at least if I step out and stumble, I have not just stood still! I have moved forward.

So Peter stumbled. At least he walked on water!! And that is what God calls me to do. Leave the safety and step out in faith. Easier said than done. May I not forget it!


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