Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

How good You have been to me, Oh Lord God. Since I last wrote this prayer, You gave me a dream job out of the blue! To have this long term sub job in music. And You are using me in the lives of the students and Bart, I do hope.

My hormones are wacky tonight, God. I pray that I won't do anything foolish. I sure know what I want to do, but I don't want to do or say anything You wouldn' t have me do.

I want to pray for the situation at home. I know how Dad is affecting all of us, but most principally, Martin. My heart does cry for him. I long for him to be able to relax enough to just let it run off his back. I pray that You will use this time to bring him to You. He needs You--period. He doesn't need me nor Martha nor my mom, for that matter. He needs You--end of story.

Lord God, help me as I prepare for the tests I must take. Strengthen us all as we work around the house. I pray that You will continue to mold me into the woman of God You want me to be. I pray that You will guide me as I work with the students and as I work with the adults at church. May we bring glory to You as we sing.

In Your Name,

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