Monday, March 15, 2010

First Time in a While

Dear Heavenly Father,

I know I'm a little behind on here, but I have been praying quite a bit as you know. In fact, something really strange has been happening. Lord God, I have found that I am giving thanks in everything. Everything! Martin and I are physical--thank You. Martin refuses me--thank You. I lose my high school job to an elementary position--thank You. I find myself giving thanks in all circumstances. In fact, with the exception of my Dad, I don't feel like sitting around and complaining. I have really been putting into practice what You have been teaching me. Everything, Lord, is in Your hands. Romans 8:28--all things work together for good. You know it all, Lord. I still need help with living in the present. I still spend my time going too far in advance. I also still have tendencies to overreact and not roll with things, but it is better.

I do pray for Martin's salvation. He seriously is softening to the things of You, Lord. I can see it. He actually talks about church, the Bible, and Christianity. He still has his excuses--Dad is the major one. Lord God, I don't know what You have to do, but do it. I'm willing to wait. And sometimes, my faith fails me. But I know, Lord, that He will be saved, and we will be married.

Speaking of Martin, keep me from doing what I should not. Our physical relationship has really taken off in some amazing ways. It would be so easy for me to say "Go for it!" But God, I know that's wrong. I sometimes feel like I'm playing with fire. Please help me to keep my mouth shut. I so badly want to say something. I'm glad Martin is feeling better. Continue to heal him, and speak to Him as only You can.

I continue to pray about jobs. Lord, I pray You will always put me where You want me--not where I want to be. Help me to know Your will. Provide the job You want for me next year--either subbing or elsewhere.

I do pray for the rest of my family--Mom, Dad, David, Jane, Kristina, Alex, Katie, Nick, Grandma Bales, Frank and Ingrid, Bob and Judy. Please save those who don't know You. Use us in their lives. Bring the ones back to You that need to. I pray that I will be open to how You want to use me in their lives.

I pray that You will show me how You want me to serve at the church. I have lots of dreams and visions. Help me in all things.

In Your Holy Name,


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