Friday, February 26, 2010

Quick Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Well, I did not make it to the concert of prayer. I really meant to go, but I think I have made peace with a few things. Until I get a steady job, I need to keep my extra activities at a minimum. I will continue to pray about what You would have me do, Lord. I will not feel guilty. I just know that You have things ready for me, and I need to take it one step at a time. Help me find the Easter music You want the church to sing. Lead me to the right one, I pray.

Lord, my heart cries for the family of Jennifer Paulson tonight. When I discovered the story, it really did remind me that life is precious, and one cannot take any of it for granted. That is one of the reasons I am home tonight. I pray for the families of all involved. My heart really cries for them. Help them as they work through their pain. Help all of us to be safe and rely on You for everything. There but for Your grace go I.

I continue to pray for the situation here at home. Lord God, I don't even know how to pray. I wish I did. I pray that You will give us strength, wisdom, guidance in knowing how to deal with him. I also pray that You will strengthen all of us as we continue to work together. It's not always easy, and I know many of us hurt. Help us all. And save my dearest one, I pray. Martin needs a Savior. He needs You. He needs much, but his greatest need is You, Lord. Show him that. Whatever You must do to get his attention, do it.

I pray for the protection of our family. All of us, God. I pray that You will lead me to the right job as I begin that search for next year. I pray also that You will help me on my test tomorrow--that I will recall all that I have studied and do it to the best of my ability.

I pray that You will become the central figure in our home. I feel that sometimes You are not. We tend to leave You out of the picture. May we not. May I begin to follow the example of Your Son. Yes, Your Son was Who He said He was, but He was also fully human. It is possible to have the prayer life and live a life like He did. We are called to as Christians. May You continue to change me into the woman of God You want me to be.

In Your Name,

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