Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kid's Sock/Stuffed Animal Giveaway (ends 3/13)

Well, I do have a kind of random giveaway today.  I was going through some stuff I had on hand, and I knew that my daughter was well past any of these.  So here is what I am giving away!  

I remember reading a lot of reviews out there for smart knit kids socks.  I was so excited to have my daughter try them.  Wouldn't you know that her foot is too big!  These are white socks in size medium and large.  Read more about the socks here.  They have no annoying seams that kids absolutely hate and make socks comfortable.  I wish they had these for my daughter's size!  But alas, she is a big kid now.  I am also throwing in a pair of black ballerina slippers size medium or large--not sure which.  Again, too small for my daughter.  They are made by design studio by GMI.  They were only taken out of the package and tried on by my daughter. 

Now we come to the thing that my daughter would say she wants, but she has so many stuffed animals that something's gotta give!  It is a flingshot flying monkey that is brand new and still screams when you hit its belly!  It is really cute, and I am glad my daughter is out playing in the snow or she would tell me I couldn't give it away.  It looks like the string that tied his arms together may have come off, but trust me, it makes no difference whatsoever.  Your child will love this!

So, now on to the fun stuff.  How do you go about winning this?  Just be sure to leave a comment for every entry.  If it says two entries, leave 2 separate comments and so on and so forth.  Be sure to either leave your e-mail in the comment or make it visible in your gfc profile.  I hate it when someone wins and then I cannot contact them so I have to choose someone else!  The giveaway ends Sunday, March 13 at 9 P.M. PST.  Please don't enter late--I will delete your entry.  Also, please be advised that I do check entries and will delete them if they are not valid! 

To Enter:

1.  Follow me via google friend connect.  Leave me a comment stating that you do.
2.  Subscribe to my blog via e-mail and/or RSS (1 comment per each).
3.  Add me as your facebook friend.  Leave me your facebook name in the comment.
4.  Like my new facebook page.  Please leave your facebook name in the comment.
5.  Comment on any non-giveaway post.  Please specify where you commented so I can check it out.  (This is an unlimited entry as long as the comment is a real comment.)
6.  Share the giveaway any way you like.  Leave an applicable URL's.  You may do this once a day.
7.  Post my button on your blog.  Be sure to leave me the URL so I can come check it out.  (worth 5 entries)
8.  Comment on either my facebook profile or fan page on facebook.  Tell me where you commented or leave me the URL.  (This is an unlimited entry as long as you leave a real comment.)

And one final unlimited entry:
Tell me what your child's favorite toy is right now.  Yes, they may have several, and you may have several children.  You may be an aunt, grandmother, friend, caregiver, etc.  So tell me what the favorite toy is of a child that you know and is special to you.  Leave as many valid comments as you would like about this.  I need to know what the cool toys are out there.  No need to leave me a link to the toy unless you would like to.  Just let me know what the toy is.  

Blessings to all of you for being so loyal to my blog!


  1. I follow via GFC: Becky F.

  2. I have one kid who loves a little Thomas the Train carry-along track that folds up. It's nice because it's small and can be taken anywhere and he LOVES it.

  3. My other son loves his new Sid the Science Kid microphone. (If you're looking for a boy Wii game....Marvel Super Heros is a real hit and easily played by my 4-year-old)

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