Monday, February 28, 2011

Music Monday--Challenge Week #9

Goodness, I thought I wouldn't get to this tonight.  My computer has been so slow!  And with our snow days last week, I thought I may not have an entire CD listened to!

I got this CD from the library, and I am very happy to report that this is my favorite Brad Paisley CD!  I may just have to buy it.  I think I liked every song to a some degree.

It starts out with Two Feet of Topsoil, a cute little song that is typical Brad Paisley about breaking up and missing the girl, but it is not too silly--it's clever.  He then goes onto the song that featured several stars in the video--including his future wife:  I'm Gonna Miss Her."    I think mot  men could relate to this song!  No woman should do what the woman does in this song!

Part II deals with meeting his wife and getting married, etc.  And then you get to Wrapped Around (really cute) and Two People Fell in  Love.  Moving on to Come On Over  Tonight and  You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive (a really good country song!).

I Wish You'd Stay is poignant and All You Really Need  is Love is very funny.  He then goes to a straight instrumental song that is pretty neat  Munster Rag.  You Have That Effect on Me is very sweet.  (I think his  wife influenced him A LOT on this album).

He ends with  Too Country which is reminiscent of his current single.  If you like country, you'll like it.  And the final song is The Old Rugged Cross.  It is live from the Opry, and I wish he  would release a  gospel album!  I love the way he sings the old hymns.

So this is really a good CD, and I hope that  one day Brad will go back to his roots and sing more songs like this rather than his current album style!

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