Sunday, February 6, 2011

Solution Sunday--Today's Update on My 2011 Challenges

Well, here is the weekly update on my challenges.  I do not have any pictures this week--sorry.  I was basically up at 4:30 most days last week and had at least an hour trip both ways to work.  So here goes.

First of all, I am behind on posting for this challenge!
I apologize for not keeping up.  I will be getting caught up tomorrow if all goes well.  I read week 3 and never posted last week.  I will get caught up by the end of this week.


The Love it or Lose it Challenge ended last week, but it certainly changed the way I look at my clothes closet.  I am trying to wear more unique and original pieces together.  And some of the things I hadn't worn I now love!


Week 5--I got the DVD's and videos organized!  And I can answer her question. Why do I want to get organized?  So I can see what we have!  I had no idea which movies my daughter and I had.  And I listed a good 20 of them this weekend on and amazon!  I must say it looks good.  My daughter can actually get to her videos now!  

For this week, I will be purging my clothes and my daughter's.  I have to figure out what I will do next week. I am so excited to be getting things done!


I don't feel I can count my book this week--I don't consider it historical fiction, but maybe I'll change my mind.  The review doesn't post till later this week, but The Book Thief will definitely be done!


Nothing new here.


I will be starting this book for this challenge this week:


I will be adding my review next week as it doesn't post until Wednesday.


No update.  Hopefully soon!


No update this week.

Updated this challenge yesterday.

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