Saturday, February 19, 2011

Satisfied Saturday--Only One Recipe This Week

All right, it has been a busy, tiring week, and my leg has had it moments of pain.  I am honestly doing pretty well, but I only have one recipe, and  I made it tonight.  I highly recommend this recipe.  I happened upon it either last night or this morning--this morning, I think--and I happened to have everything for it except mushrooms.  Everyone liked it, and it was healthy and pretty easy to make.  It is Asian Cabbage Rolls with Spicy Pork.  I used ground turkey, and mine wasn't that spicy.  I also used no cilantro nor scallions.  I used chives instead. This recipe comes from a book I would love to get but have not been able to review or look through as of yet.
Anyone know anything about this book?  Maybe the library will get it in time.  I didn't realize it is a series, so I might  need to take a  look at the other books in the series.

Also, I have a giveaway ending tomorrow night.  And indeed more to come.  I even got a couple books for the book giveaway hops I will be doing in April and May, I believe.

And one last thing.  I went to Safeway today, and I got some fantastic deals.  They are running some great specials through Monday.  I won't detail them here.  Other bloggers do a better job of that than me.  But be sure to look them out.  And if your store has a place towards the back of the store where they mark down certain items that may be slightly damaged or they have products that are marked down because the items are nearly out of date, be sure to check those out.  I found a lot today!


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