Friday, February 11, 2011

My Harrowing Experience

Well, last night was an ordeal I hope never to live through again.  I may be a little behind in getting prizes posted, but I should have it done by Monday.  I still am awaiting the response of one person from the Handmade with Love giveaway since my original person did not respond.

Last night, I was attacked by a dog.  It is not your usual dog attack story.  We were fostering to adopt what was called an Australian Shepherd mix.  This was on Monday.  Okay, I was not too keen on it, but he seemed to be a nice dog and well-trained.  And it wasn't my place to say.  I remember saying that he didn't like me.  But even yesterday, he seemed to be more accepting of me.  He didn't bother our cats.  He played well with our dog.

Last night, I was in the middle of cooking dinner, and I was getting in some exercise on the Wii Fit Plus.  My daughter had been in the living room with me just minutes before and had stopped for a snack.  She went to her room.  I was anxiously watching the time hoping I would be done in time to complete dinner.

I saw that my mom and Martin were coming in, and in came the new dog.  I turned my face to him, but my back was too him.  He charged at me, and clamped his mouth onto my calf.  Martin and my mom immediately responded.  I know I was screaming from the pain, and I had been knocked off balance.  I remember that it seemed I was beginning to get free, but he just repositioned and bared down harder.  I didn't know that it took Martin hitting the dog's head very hard to get him free.  I remember the intense pain, but I also remember thinking that this dog was going to continue up my leg.  The pain subsided.  The dog was out of control, but Martin had restrained him.  That dog definitely would have been going for more had Martin not restrained him.  Thankfully, our other dog, Sandy, was not in at the time.  My mom looked at my bite, and she said I had to go the hospital.  Can you believe that I walked to my room, got my coat and purse and put on my shoes, fully intending to go to the hospital.  I had not idea how badly I had been hurt.

Martin was able to put the dog outside--we have a fenced in yard, and this way he couldn't get any of us.  They told me to lie down and elevate my foot.  Unfortunately, my daughter saw part of the attack, and she was in hysterics.  All I could think about was could I work on Friday, turn the oven off, and I wish I could comfort Martha.  My mom called for an ambulance--she was concerned I would go into shock.  For the record, I never did.  I was fully conscious and coherent the entire time.  Martin wrapped it.  He then went out and shot the dog twice.  I will never forget the sound of the dog howling.  It even had the gall to run up on our porch.

So I got my first ambulance ride.  It was a fantastic hospital.  And Martin was able to get Martha calmed down.  I had not idea how bad things were with my leg till I saw it at the hospital--12 cm laceration.  Stitches, crutches--but everything was going to be fine.

We were sure the dog was dead, but to our shock, the dog survived the 2 shots and was on our porch this morning.  That was rather scary.  Animal control picked him up and will test him for rabies and then euthanize him.  They don't think that rabies will be a possibility--no cases in 10 years.

This is what I say--God is very good.  I am the healthiest person in my family, so if it had to happen to someone, I'm glad it was me.  I also am glad that Martin was here and that Martha was not working out with me at the time.

So that is the abridged story.  My wounds are already healing.  Thank God!

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  1. I'm glad you're okay! That is very scary & I'm glad it wasn't your daughter! Hope you heal quickly too. God is Good!