Friday, October 8, 2010

Fortified Friday #3--Online Recipes This Week

Last week's recipes were great.  I have decided to get rid of The Depression Cookbook.  It it  just taking up space,  and I  decided that someone else can enjoy it.  It is just not my kind of cookbook.  So disregard the recipe from that book for last week.

Review of last week's recipes:

Sorry, I never got around to making the Apple Crisp from a couple weeks ago, and I'm  not  going to.  I just don't have the time.

Meal 1:  Eat Well, Save Big Cookbook (All*You) p. 51  "Creamy Chicken and Broccoli Curry"

Oh, this was so good!  If you like curry, I highly recommend this.  Not too much, not  too little.  And very easy to make.

Meal 2:  Eat Well, Save Big Cookbook (All*You) p.  90 "Maple-Glazed Ham Steak" with vegetables and some kind of bread

This couldn't have been easier to make, and I really enjoyed the flavor.  We used the ham steak from Costco, and it was so nice to have a different kind of flavor.

Meal 3:  Eat Well, Save Big Cookbook (All*You) p. 129 "Tuna Noodle Casserole"

This would not have had much flavor  if we didn't add more spices to it.  But it is good and easy to make.  Lots of leftovers!

Meal 4:  Eat Well, Save Big Cookbook (All*You) p.  99 "Monte Cristo Sandwiches"

Making it tomorrow!

Okay to online menus.  I'm going to try some different sites.

Meal 1:  Shortcut Chicken Parmesan

Meal 2:  Libby's Taco Salad

Meal 3:  Autumn Pancakes with Spiced Apples, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon

Meal 4:  Spicy Chili Bean Burgers, fries, salad

I will use some  box  I have  out  in the pantry for desserts.

So there we go!


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