Friday, October 15, 2010

Fortified Friday #4

I have a new cookbook tonight!  Yes!  Mea

Now, I have borrowed this from  the library, but I just may have to buy it!  It looks really good.  By the way, last week's online recipes were fine--nothing special.

So here are the meals:

Meal 1:  "Bean Stew" p. 120, bread

Meal 2:  Sweet an Sour Chicken with Mango Lettuce Wraps p. 274

Meal 3:  Peppercorn Steak p. 335, Potatoes, Veggies

                                   Meal 4:  Peking Pork Chops p. 334, Rice, Veggies

Dessert:  Rice Krispies Treats p. 398

This looks like a fantastic cookbook!  I will let you know next week how everything turns out!


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