Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday--Random

It seems like I have been behind from the word go this week. I'm not sure why, but I am desperately trying  to get caught up.  In my quest, some things have happened that have caused me to be in deep thought.

First of all, did you watch the rescue of the Chilean miners like I did?  I continued to praise God for working in that situation--it was only because of Him that it was  possible.  I was nearly in tears when the first miner came up.  I would  hope and pray that they would turn to God as a result of this experience, but I know it doesn't usually happen in these  situations.

Secondly, my house and renters are still  up in the air.  Let me rant briefly here.  I am  so tired  of being  taken advantage of--yes I know I bring it on myself.  I am too nice, but I also don't look forward to fighting the bank.  If I have to give up my house, I want to deed it to the bank.  The funny thing is that if I were continue to make my payments on time,  the bank wouldn't be  nearly as helpful as if I were to fall behind.  What is wrong  with this country?  Going to the bank now  would do  nothing.  I would actually have to purposely not pay my mortgage, and suddenly the bank would want to work with me?  And you wonder why we're such a messed up country.

Next, something really neat has happened this week.  I am a deep thinker and daydreamer by nature.  When I am bored out of my mind--like I have been while subbing--I tend to think and dream.  I have spent years dreaming about Martin,  but it never seemed real.  It always ended up in confusion and silliness.  But not the past two days.  God has  given me some distinct ideas that have shown that Martin and I could be married and he will be saved.  It probably won't happen like it does in my dreams, but I could actually see the two of us together, and if it is anything like  my dreams, it will be worth the wait!

Finally, something really cool happened tonight.  I went to read my gmail--that account I rarely check but have learned  to do so--and I have been contacted by CSN stores to do a possible giveaway/review!  Go figure! They like my blog!  They like  the layout of it! I wouldn't have dreamed that with just over 100  followers that I would be a blog to be considered.  Yes, they have made their rounds,  but it is really cool to think  that in a while, I may be doing my first official giveaway with a sponsor!  Wow!

So, dear readers, I leave you with this song.  I have been thinking  about it tonight.  Maybe you have never heard it.  I have always loved this song.

On Eagle's Wings from Cathy Melton on Vimeo.

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  1. What a great post... yes, the Chilean miner story is amazing. And what a great example of what is totally wrong with this country.

    Congrats on CSN -- what an amazing opportunity! You do have a great blog, you know. :)

    And... you've been tagged. You don't have to participate, but I'd love to read your responses.