Sunday, October 17, 2010

Solution Sunday--NeilMed Sinus Rinse Review

I don't know about you, but I have pretty severe allergies at times.  In fact, most of my colds throughout the years have begun as a result of allergies.  I just didn't know that as I was growing up.

I have taken my share of product over the years.  I was addicted to over-the-counter nasal sprays when I was a teenager--I didn't know any better.  They put me on a prescription nasal spray.   I took my share of Sudafed, Comtrex, Benadryl and Actifed (those two are the only ones that would just knock me out!).  But nothing was long-lasting.

I took Zyrtec-D, and it was finally able to get relief.  But even with this medicine, I still struggled at times.  There used to be an allergy month, then an allergy season, and now it is  year-round allergies.  Sometimes I had to take another product for a couple days when Zyrtec stopped working.

Several years ago, my P.E. coach friend at school introduced me to a great product--NeilMed Sinus Rinse.  She highly recommended it, so  I got on, and I ordered it at once.  Yes, it worked, but I decided to only use it as a last resort.  It was easy enough to fill up the bottle, but I did not exactly like squirting the stuff up my nose.  And once my ears got clogged, I couldn't use it any longer, per the directions. You have to have clear ears to use it.

Well, my allergies have gotten worse since moving out to the country.  I cannot skip a dose of Zyrtec-D, and it just seems that no matter what I  do, I still get such bad allergies.  So I decided to do my own little experiment this summer.  I began by using NeilMed Sinus Rinse every night.  I had done a lot of reading about it, and I thought it just might help.  And it did!  And then I increased the use to twice a day since I read that was recommended.  In fact, the doctor on Sunday morning on Fox News that does a health segment said he used nasal rinses twice a day for the past year and had not gotten a single cold.

I am a teacher, and with being a substitute teacher, I am not generally exposed to the same students.  I go all over the place, and I often come in contact with students who are sick and should have stayed home.  While I do all I can--I had a flu shot, I wash my hands, etc.--I know the possibility exists that I could get sick.  But I am not!  Of course, I may, but I have noticed that my singing voice (I am a music teacher who majored in voice) is stronger than it ever has been.  I rarely need a Kleenex throughout the day.

I know that some may argue with me.  There are studies that show people got sick  more as a result of the sinus rinse.  But I have to say I am sold.  It has become a normal part of my routine.  And I am really quick about it now.

Here is the procedure I follow:
I put filtered water in the plastic bottle.  I fill it up to the line, and I put it in the microwave for 25 seconds.  You do not want to get it too hot.  I did that the other day, and it is wicked!  I had to dump it out.  I then put the contents of the packet into the bottle. I put the top on the bottle, hold my finger over the hole in top, and shake the bottle.  I always get at least 1-2 Kleenexes and set them next to me on the counter.

Then  comes the yucky part, but I have gotten very proficient at it.  You put the top of the lid where the hole is below one of your nostrils.  Make sure you are standing over a sink.  I squeeze the bottle, open my mouth, and let the salted water flow into my nostril.  Yes, sometimes the water goes into my throat, and then I feel like throwing up.  But I have gotten much better as time has gone  on.  I use about half the bottle on each sinus.  I blow my nose as needed.  And my sinuses feel so clear!  I then wash the bottle out, and  I use soap on the top of the bottle about once a day.  It says to replace the bottle every 90 days, and I kind  of follow that.  You can tell when it's time to replace it.

The only part I really get tired of is that when I bend over or exercise within an hour after using the rinse, everything comes out!  It is really gross when this happens, so be prepared.  But this has even minimized over  time.  Your sinuses do adapt.  The only problems I have ever had are burning sinuses if I don't do it just right and sometimes a minor sore on the outside of the nose--but that only happened right at  the beginning of the regimen.  It has not recurred.  There are other  products that you can use, but I got to try the NetiPot, and I hated it.  Everybody is different.

So, if you are interested, you should be able  to buy this  product just about anywhere.  Costco is the best deal, I think, but it has certainly come  down in price.  And I feel the  product is worth it!

By the way, NeilMed does not even know I am reviewing this.  I am going to submit this review to them, but it is not done with the thought of getting anything  out of them.  This review is my honest opinion with no financial or material reimbursement.


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