Sunday, October 3, 2010

Solution Sunday--Throw Out the Junk!

Today's Sunday post is brought to you by the following book:

I remember seeing this book mentioned in blog posts this summer,  but I didn't really think about it much.  But I am already halfway through the book.  And it is a very practical book.  I'll write a full review when I am done.

While I'm not exactly doing everything she says in the book, I am throwing stuff out.  I was inspired this weekend to go into my bedroom closet and throw out a huge box full of clothes!  I am still losing weight, and my body is being reshaped.  My style is also changing.  I was shocked to realize that I had been wearing clothes I didn't like!  Can you believe it?  There wasn't even a sentimental reason to hold onto them.  I kept 2 khaki skirts because they were khaki skirts!  I kept denim skirts--in fact I wore one just Friday--that I didn't like, but they were denim skirts!  Where is my mind??

I was able to get rid  of my big coat since I was given a beautiful, brand new one.  I was able to get rid of hair stuff, and my closet looks so much better!!  I even made myself go through a couple old purses and clean out the garbage rather than just leaving it there. I was pretty industrious, wasn't I?

I remember when I was going through some clothes last night that I threw out something and nearly pulled it back out.  But I remember that the book said once you throw it, you do not take it back out!  Ouch!  How many times have you thrown something out and then had second thoughts?  The book says that if you have to take too long to figure out if you should throw something out, throw it out!

So that is my solution this week.  Feel free to share any thoughts you have on the topic!


  1. I am always looking for decluttering and cleaning inspiration. Thanks for sharing. I will have to read that book!

  2. I'm trying to think of ways to recycle the things I want to get rid of...maybe I can reuse the stuff in a different form!