Friday, September 10, 2010

30 Days of Insight Day 11

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Day 11- Favorite picture ever taken of yourself. 

Good grief, pictures are something  I do not have organized!!  It's tough, but I think I can accommodate.

Yep, that is me, and I'll give you the history of this one.  Where I worked in Texas, we  had something called One Great Day of Reading. Amazingly, it  always coincided with Hallowe'en. Two years ago, I somehow decided to go with the character Joker.  I used to love the old TV show of Batman and Robin  and Cesar 'Romero's version of Joker.    I know you can see the similarities!!  I am sorry,  but I did not see the newest Batman film because I am just not into the Dark Knight  and all  that.  

Well, I was as frugal as possible, and I did my own make-up.  I was pretty proud of my accomplishments.  You should have seen my students!  My daughter loved it!  And I did, too.  

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  1. thats too look exactly like the Joker. You go girl! BTW, thanks for the comment the other day & also I am doing this 30 days of insight but I am going to post all of it on the last day.