Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Rebirth of My Blog

Well, I told you I was going to do it, didn't I? And I have.  I  did a  lot of praying  and brainstorming this week, and I have direction.  I hope all of my followers will like it.

Although I may do blog challenges here and there again, I am going to keep them at a minimum. I tend to go all out when I do things, and doing three at  once was not a good idea. Although I have been grateful for them.

I plan to have a topic for each day's post.  I have read other blogs that have  done  the same thing.  Here is my schedule:

Solution Sunday--I will post some things I have discovered that have worked for me, and you can certainly do the same.  I may even come to you for ideas.

Music Monday--Okay, I know this sounds like many  other blog hops around right now, but this is a little different.  I am a music teacher, and I plan to introduce you to a musician or some  music  that has impacted me.  I may even put trivia in from time to time.

Twilight Tuesday--No, this is not about the movie or book series! This is going to be a day to post dark moments in my life.  It will  be a time when it seemed like I was in the dark and God felt far away.

Well-Spoken Wednesday--This is going to be the day to post about books and stories that you have read (or even read).  Both Christian and secular sources will be posted.

Thoughtful Thursday--Now, this is not about nice to others and helping them.  This will be about deep thinking.  The topics will vary, but it will be a chance to exercise those brain muscles.

Fortified Friday--This will be the day to post things that will strengthen our faith and our lives in general.

Sporadic Saturday--Easy to figure this one out.  It's fun and random.

Well, that is the direction I have for my blog.  I think that in doing this, I will be able to keep the original intention of the blog.  I also plan to have some fun things for my readers that  you will learn about  in time.  I plan to begin on Sunday.  I hope that many of you will want to participate!  Thanks for being such great followers. Don't forget about my giveaway that ends tomorrow!


  1. This nice Ruth! Can't wait to see your posts. =)

  2. Sounds awesome. Can't wait to read your upcoming posts.

  3. You are going to be one BUSY woman! It is always a relief when God gives us a direction! Blessings on your vision!

  4. yay! I'm excited to participate!

  5. Great you received direction and the topics sound interesting!