Sunday, September 26, 2010

Solution Sunday--Hope and Unconditional Surrender

Well, I thought I had it figured out  what God  would have me write tonight, and today during church, He redirected me.  That has been the amazing thing about this whole blog challenge.  God has been leading in wonderful ways.

As I saw in church this morning, we celebrated Hope Sunday.  My daughter and I already support 2 children through World Vision.  Our first child is Megi from Albania.  I chose her because she, my daughter, and I all have the same birthday (not the same year!).  It was neat to see her progress report this year and that she finally beginning to go to school.  And then there is Bornface from Zambia.  I don't remember why I chose him, but I felt like I needed to sponsor someone from Africa.  It has been neat to see that he is finally going to school.  It is always neat to hear from them, and I feel good because I am doing something to help those in need.

Now, why would I post this for Solution Sunday?  It is often said how can one person make a difference?  And we think that our contribution is nothing we can do to help the situation of this world improve.  But that is not the focus of World Vision.  My mom picked up two children this Sunday to sponsor, and she is going to make a difference for $70 per month.  She is providing  hope for two children who have nothing and may die prematurely without her help.  And die without the knowledge of Christ. That's what  I love about World Vision.  It's a Christian organization, and they attend to the physical and spiritual needs of the children and the community.  It does say in Scripture that to whom much is given, much is required.  In spite of everything, the USA is still the richest nation on earth.  I know things are tough, but this is on small way I can help.  If you have not sponsored a child, would you pray about doing so?

And to the second part of this post.  We are still going through Gracewalk.  And today we  watched a part of the video.  And the speaker (who was the author of the book) spoke of the fact that so many of us don't want to completely surrender ourselves to God.  We go around trying to bear our burdens on our own.  We say things like "God won't give us more of a burden than we can bear," or "It's tough, but I'm not giving up."  Well, the apostle Paul experienced burdens he could not bear on his own.  Even our Lord was strengthened by angels in the garden as he sweat drops of blood before the he went to the cross.

God wants us to come to a point where we are broken.  He wants us to say, "I can't do it, God.  Take over."   Take the story of the Prodigal Son.  We always hear about the prodigal son.  But what about the one who stayed behind?  He was mad, and asked why he didn't get  a party.  After all, he stayed behind and worked hard for his father.  Interestingly enough, both sons  had a mistaken concept.  We tend to think that  it is about what we do.  We have to do more for God.  We have to work harder.  We have to witness to more people.  We have  to give more money.  We  have to. have to,  have to.  We are like that person  who does that amazing stunt of spinning long wooden poles and balancing plates on each of them.  And God comes along and knocks the plates off so we realize that it is not about what we do but  about who we are  in Christ.  When will we come to the end of ourselves and let God take over our lives?  When will we stop trying to keep back a portion for ourselves?  When will we unconditionally surrender ourselves to God?

A lot of  what I am saying may not make  sense.  I highly recommend the book.  I have not actually read it-- I plan to--but I know  that  what  is being said  is right on  target.  And we don't normally hear it.  It is only when we surrender ourselves totally to God and give Him permission to do anything He wants that God is  able to work through us.  My problem  is that I sometimes  still  grab it back.

My hard thing is the area of physical intimacy.  I  know  Martin will be back soon, and I  know  the old temptations will come back. I have prided myself on being able to stop myself before going too far.  And I think  I sometimes take pride in my self-sufficiency.  I heard God say today that I needed to surrender even that area to Him because after all, I cannot do it on my own!  I plan to put this solution into practice this week.  I'll let  you know  how it goes!

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