Monday, September 13, 2010

My Own Blog Challenges

Well, I have been doing some thinking about my blog, and I have decided that in some ways I have gotten caught up with all the blogging challenges, MEME's, and much more that my focus has kind of gotten off a little.  I'm not saying I won't be doing this any more--I certainly will participate!  There are some great resources out there.  But the whole point of this blog is for me to grow in the Lord and to encourage others in their lives.

So in the spirit of all  that, I am going to be implementing my own challenges.  For example, Music Mondays seems to be one I will be working on.  I am still working on the others.  But I think I have decided that Mondays will be a day to reflect on music and share stories about musicians, songs, and much more.  Music is very near and dear to my heart, and probably music has been one of the most  important influences in my life.

I'm not starting this immediately, but I think I want to implement these changes after I am done with my current blog challenges.  Hopefully this will keep me challenged with my blog.  One thing I never want to do is make this seem like work!

Thank you to all my very loyal followers.  We are getting closer and closer to the 100 follower mark.  I'm pretty excited, and I hope you are, too!


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