Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday #1

Still on schedule.  It has been so busy this week, but I am here for my very first thoughtful Thursday.

Now that is the image I get when I think about "thoughtful."  But there is another meaning.

This is another meaning of the word  "thoughtful."  It can be thinking, and it can be doing things for others.  I can actually share either or only one.  But I think I'll focus today on the second definition.

I can't tell you how great I feel about blogging this week.  When I first began to follow blogs, it was only the giveaways that meant anything to me.

And also the money-saving features.  That is why I signed up to follow blogs.  I would look at the blogs at the beginning of this summer, and I found myself saying, "I don't think I could ever write a blog."  I was overwhelmed with how much work everyone did, and I just couldn't imagine  that I would catch up.

For a good share of my life, this picture was the story of my life.  I was the one who was always left out.  I was too different.  I didn't fit into a neat mold.  I was very independent,  and I was too committed to the Lord.

Then I was the single mom.  I was the music teacher who wanted to teach in a classroom.  It was tough.  People finally would accept me, and off I would go to the next place. 

I remember the day I thought that I would "try" blogging.  I was pretty nervous about it because all I had done previously was just a little bit of personal blogging. Was I ready to share my life with a world that may not accept it? I had always liked writing, and this was an excellent out for me.

This picture depicts how I felt as I joined the blogging community.  For the first time in my life, people were willing to read what I wrote, and they liked it!  And here I stand a couple months later, and people are actually commenting!  I'm not the only person who enjoys oldies.  I'm not the only person who enjoys musicals.  And I am not the only person who is saved--truly saved.

I am so humbled this week to have received two blog awards.  It was interesting.  I can remember seeing blogs where people had won blog awards.  And I said to myself, "My blog will never be good enough to get an award."   No, not one, but two!  It feels so good to be validated as a writer.  

So I no longer follow you just because of your giveaways, bloggers.  I now enjoy reading your normal posts and trying to comment on them when I can. You are an awesome community, and I am hooked!  I am a blogger!!


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