Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday 9 Just Like Me

These  questions sound really good today!

1. Who in your life do you think behaves and thinks the most like you do?

2. As a kid, were you ever wrongly accused (and punished, if it went that far) for something you didn't do? If so, what was it? What happened?

3. What about as an adult, were you ever wrongly accused for something you didn't do?? Do you think it's worse to be accused as a child or an adult? Why/why not?

3. What’s the scariest weather situation you’ve experienced?

4. If you could wake up tomorrow morning in another country, where would you want to be and why?

5. Instead of going to work Monday, if you could spend the entire day doing something else--any one or two things that you absolutely love doing--what would you do?

6. What sites (other than meme sites) do you use most to help you post on your blog?

7. Check out a post on your blog from six months ago (March 2010) and tell us what is different now about your blog and/or life?

8. What was the last photograph you took?

9. Which fashion trend do you believe is the most horrendous and why?

1.  My daughter is  a "mini-me."  While she has  a drama queen mentality that absolutely escapes me,  she looks a lot like me, and she is very hard on herself.  She is me to the extreme  sometimes.

2.  If you have ever seen Anne of Green Gables, you might remember the scene where Marilla falsely accuses Anne of taking a brooch. It was not until I saw this scene that I told my mom the story of how I was falsely accused in second grade of taking a piece of candy out of a note that was going to the office.  My teacher forced an apology out of me.  I lied and said I ate the candy because she wouldn't believe the truth.  I lied so I wouldn't be paddled.  And this was at a Christian school.  I didn't tell my mom because I was afraid I would get in trouble.  It was a horrifying experience for me.  I make it a point to do my best to believe my students if I possibly can.

3.  I was falsely accused of having an affair when I was going through my divorce.  It was a horrible experience, but I think it's worse to be falsely accused when you're a child.  After all, as a child you have virtually no power.  You're not mature enough to be able to handle such things.  As an adult, you can at least go on and move on with your life.

3.  I was in Florida (central Florida) during the time when a hurricane was headed our way.  It thankfully turned into a tropical  storm by the  time it made landfall.  But it was definitely scary!

4.  I would love to wake up in Lincoln, England because I would see Martin!  I wouldn't want to be there too long because he will be back before I know it!

5.  I would spend the time at home just taking it easy and having some time to myself.

6.  I use facebook and google, I guess.

7.  The main difference is that I post much more regularly, and I have a purpose for blogging.

8.  Sorry, I have it out on my other computer.  I'll try to edit this when I'm out there.

9.  I think super-skinny jeans--especially on guys--is crazy.  


Notice--this  should be Saturday 10 because there were two questions that have a 3!  I couldn't figure out what the trouble was!!


  1. Daughters are exact shadow of their mother.
    Had fun reading your answers :)

  2. I'm a Google person too.

    Have a great Saturday!

  3. thanks for visiting and I followed you back too!