Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A-Z Music Challenge Day 23-W

I have noticed a lot more people posting on my comments lately.  Thank you!  It means a lot to know that people appreciate the work I am doing.  I am definitely hooked on blogging, and I find myself praying for many of you here and there.  So don't think that just because I don't respond back to your comment that it is not appreciated!  Who would have known that I am not the only person in the world who still knows who Jerry Vale was!!

Andy Williams is the definitive choice here.  He was my teenage singing partner!  (I had a whole dream world built around him and a show I imagined I performed with him when I was a senior in high school!)

I know  he is not today what he once was, but no matter what, I shall always fondly remember him.  I think it is to his credit that he has a Moon  River Theater in Branson.  When my then husband and I were on our fifth anniversary (I think that was it!), we went to Branson.  I wanted to see Andy Williams in concert, but my then husband wouldn't hear of it!!  So I missed my chance.  Oh well!

What is Christmas without Andy Williams?  Oh, those were the days!  (Even though I wasn't born!!)

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  1. We wanted to go to the Andy Williams Christmas show in Branson, but the dates and my DH's time off just didn't coordinate. I hear it is wonderful!