Saturday, September 25, 2010

30 Days of Insight Day 26

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Day 26- Your definition of love. 

Love--my definition.  Love is a word in English that means so many different  things.  We love spaghetti.  We love chocolate.  We love movies.  We love  exercising (that's a joke, right?)  We love our children,  our  parents, our significant others, etc.  And we love God.  

For the purposes of this  post, I'm going to concentrate on what the Bible calls AGAPE love.  It is unconditional love.  I believe this is true love that we should strive to demonstrate to all.  We cannot love like this on our own--we need God to help us.  It is not a feeling, it is a decision.  I make the choice  to  love  this person in spite of how  he/she treats  me or does/doesn't do.  No matter what the other person does, I will still love him/her.

If only our world could wrap  their brain around this concept.  We grow up with a fairy tale  mentality, and then we are disappointed.  We no longer feel like we love that person.  We decide to move on to someone else.  That's the easy way out.

Now I'm not saying you remain with someone who is mistreating you.  I myself had to get out of a marriage.  But even when he came back to visit one day out of the blue,  I reached out and showed him AGAPE love.  I gave him water.  I gave him food.  I invited him into my house to cool off.  That was the last time I saw him.  He tried to contact me a couple times after that, but to no avail.  

Well enough rambling tonight.  Four more days to go!!


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