Sunday, September 19, 2010

Solution Sunday #1A

Now the cool thing is that I have  time to do more than one post, guess what??  I can!!  It is my blog, after all.  This is the one I really had planned to post for solution Sunday.

Are you overwhelmed by e-mails?  That describes how I feel when I look in my inbox.  I used to only get e-mails from stores and surveys and occasional personal note.  Now that I am a blogger and follow hundreds of blogs, my inbox is overflowing!
This describes me well!!

I know I have  over a thousand e-mails in my inbox now.  I know that sounds pretty bad, but most  of them will be immediately deleted once I look at them.  I do get a lot of spam but not as much as  I used to.  I used to purge, purge, purge--I still do to an extent.  Most of these e-mails are from blogs.  I signed up to earn extra giveaways and the like.

A couple weeks  ago, I was struck with a solution to this overwhelming  problem. I created a folder for each day of the week.  If  I do not get to that e-mail on that day, I move it to the folder for that day.  (I am still behind on this, but that is my goal.)  I can't tell you how good it is when I clean out my folder for that day, and I get  the message saying there are no more e-mails in that folder!

Now, there is another problem.  You have to stay on top of the important e-mails.  You know, the time sensitive ones.  I nearly have lost a prize due to not seeing an e-mail.  How do you guard against that?  You must at least scan your e-mails.   You need to look for keywords like "winner" or a person's name you know.

Now, I can imagine what you must be thinking.  "Hey, dumb blonde, (I can call myself that, but no one else had better!), why not  just create an e-mail account for your personal affairs and  one for your blogging affairs?  Then you could add one for surveys, and one for your business, and,,,,"

There lies the problem.  I know myself too well.  I would never  check the other one!!  I need to have one e-mail account.  When I had a teacher e-mail account, that was fine while at work.  But it is just easier for me to have one e-mail account.  I used to have two, and I always thought, "I'll check the other one later."  Later never came.

So, what do you do when your e-mails are overwhelming?  In case you're wondering, I do eventually delete my e-mails.  Yes, I miss out on some giveaways.  But those are just the breaks of the games.  

What do you do for an overflowing inbox?

Maybe you have a really creative solution.  Maybe you don't even get e-mails.  Maybe you're like my dad who asked my mom yesterday, "Are you able to get e-mail on your computer?"  


Please share any and all SOLUTIONS you have to this problem.  Looking forward to Music Monday!


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