Saturday, September 4, 2010

30 Days of Insight Day 5

Thanks again to my fellow blogger for creating this challenge.  And thanks to those who are participating right along with me.

Day 05- A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life. 

Dear Mr. Jim Bergren,

I know you remember me.  I was that very special girl in high school choir in whom you invested a lot of time.  I remember the first day of high school when you said that I was sure of my talent and that any time I wanted, I could move from mixed chorus up into the the regular concert choir.  That meant a lot to me because you were the first one to truly validate the talent I knew I had.

Throughout high school, you gave me every opportunity possible to sing.  Every time I sang, I was more confident.  You always challenged me to do more than I thought I could when it came to singing.  I was but a timid girl, and I wasn't always willing to speak up for myself.

I remember when I finally mustered the courage to audition for show choir my sophomore year.  I really tried, but it just seemed like I couldn't get into the groove.  It was earlier that school year when you sent me out in the hallway to learn how to sway.  I doubt you'd ever met someone with no sense of rhythm like me!

Then my mom sent you a letter asking for your recommendations about my future.  You wrote back and recommended voice lessons and dance lessons for me.  And because you had earned my respect, I knew that I  had to do what you recommended.  I wanted to really challenge myself, and I wanted you to see that I could accomplish the seemingly impossible.

I took voice lessons, and I also  took dance lessons.  I remember the smile you gave me when you learned that I was following your recommendations.  I auditioned for show choir, and you could tell  what a difference those lessons had made.  When I made it into show choir, you will  never know how happy I was.

My senior year was a dream come true.  Because of you, I was able to go to New York and see so much.  I didn't know I would go on to become a music teacher, but I did.  And you remembered me well at your retirement party.

If you could see me now.  I have actually choreographed musicals.  I teach choir in a way of which you would be proud.  And had you not taken the step to believe in me and challenge me, I wouldn't be here.  I even did a long-term sub job for Bart Kryger last school year.  He is a choir teacher, too, and you would be proud. 

Thank you for your investment  in me.  I wouldn't be where I am now had it not been for you.

Musically Yours,


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