Friday, September 3, 2010

"Facing the Giants"

Well, God spoke to me from a source I didn't expect tonight.  We just happened to turn on the network GMC, and they were showing the movie "Facing the Giants."  I remember seeing this back when my daughter was barely 1 and we were at a church party.  I was still married at the time, and I wasn't looking forward to watching the film at all.  After all, I am not a football fan.

Was I ever wrong.  I can remember watching it and being instantly taken in by the story.  My understanding is that is based on a true story, and this coach of a losing team turned it around for God's glory.  Everything was against him.  They were going to fire him.  He and his wife did not have enough money.  He was infertile so they couldn't have children.

There is a wonderful scene early on in the film where the coach goes out into an open field and gives everything over to God.  He gives to God all his hopes and dreams.  And he says that no matter what, he will still love God.  His wife meets him out there, and he asks the pointed question, "Even if God never gives us children, will  you still love Him?"  It is a very emotional scene.

In direct answer to his prayer, another man is moved to give him a word from Revelation.  The coach is informed that God is not finished with him yet, and he is to remain in his current position.  This man tells the coach that he should truly act as though God will do something great through him.

And does God ever deliver.  I won't give away the rest of the story.  There is a fantastic part where he has the students train on the field in an unusual way--it's one of my favorite scenes in the film.  In addition to the sports stuff happening at the school, true revival breaks out on campus.

God works true miracles in the lives of all concerned, and the recurring theme is:  "What is impossible for God?  Nothing!"

Now, I always enjoyed this film.  My parents and daughter had never really seen it, but once it got going, all of us were glued to it.  As I saw God move in the lives of these individuals, I was moved to tears.  God kept bringing to mind  all the hopes and dreams I have.  Especially concerning Martin.

God:  "Ruth, what is impossible with me?
Ruth:  "Nothing."
God:  "Do you really believe that?"
Ruth:  "Yes, I do, God.  Of course I do."
God:  "So why do you continue to doubt that Martin will be saved?  You live as though things will always be this way.  You have doubts that I can change his heart in an instant."
Ruth:  "God, I'm only human."
God:  "Are you giving Me your best?"
Ruth:  "Yes."
God:  "In all things?"
Ruth:  "Well..."

You can see how this conversation goes.  Anyone else face this?  How many times do we pray and then not act like we believe it?

I leave you with a wonderful story from the film.  The man who came to the coach to deliver a message from God, He said that there were once two farmers who prayed with faith for rain to come so their crops would not die.  One farmer actually went out and prepared for rain.  Who truly believed?


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