Friday, November 12, 2010

Fortified Friday #7 Back on Track!

Okay, I have got this ready this week.  Here's hoping it will all  go well.  I planned my meals with two books.  You have seen one of them before:

The other book is:                                      


Most of the recipes are from the latter book.  Only one or two from the other.

Meal 1:  Orange Pepper Steaks (p. 38 4-ingredient cookbook), fried rice

Meal 2:  Peach Pork Roast (p. 10 4-ingredient cookbook), potatoes, veggies

Meal 3:  Hawaiian Chicken (p. 78 4-ingredient cookbook), Apple-Rice Medley (p. 206 4-ingredient)

Meal 4:  Country Chicken Pot Pie (p. 97 4-ingredient cookbook), green salad

Meal 5:  Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole (p. 54 Make it Fast cook it slow)

Dessert:  Take-Along Cake (p. 336 4-ingredient)

Extra:  Englishman's Trifle (p. 344 4-ingredient)

It feels good to be back on track.  Have a great weekend!


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