Sunday, November 28, 2010

Solution Sunday--Ziploc Zip 'N Steam Bags Review

Today I would like to review a product that I have absolutely come to love.  It has become an absolute necessity in my kitchen.  I honestly don't think I can live without Ziploc zip 'n steam bags!
This is an item I originally found at Costco a few years ago.  It was a special promotion, and I wasn't sure I would like them.  After all, I could steam things in a microwave pan or on the stove with reasonable success.  Why did I need a plastic bag to do what I was already able to do?

Well, I was hooked from the moment I first used it.  You put the food in the bag and follow the cooking instructions on the front of the bag.  If you would like to add butter or seasoning, do it before you close the bag up.  That is a nice feature of these bags.  You can steam them in butter and with seasonings.  You then zip up the bag, and you microwave it for the time it says on the front of the bag.  When removing it from the microwave, be careful.  I did burn myself once when removing the bag from the microwave.  Let the bag set for about a minute, open the bag, and then serve.

I have never had such perfectly steamed vegetables.  Nor has my mom nor Martin.  Both of them were willing to try these based on my recommendation, and now we don't know what to do if we happen to run out.

The bad thing for us has been finding this product locally.  Costco no longer carries these.  (Surprise, surprise!)  Safeway is supposed to, but not in our town.  Nor does Walmart.  I think both stores now carry the medium size, but with our family, we must get the large size.  I recently bought them from amazon.  However, last week, I happened to find them at the local drugstore in town.  I bought all they had.

Something I have not done but would love to one day is make full meals in these bags.  Check out the recipes.  There are some great recipes on there, and I hope to give one of them a go pretty soon.  The garlic lemon cod sounds good amongst others.  I'll let you know if I get around to trying one of those recipes.

So if you get a chance and have not done so, please try these fantastic bags.  Seriously, once you try them, I doubt you'll return to the old-fashioned ways of steaming!

By the way, Ziploc does not know I am writing this review so they had no influence on what I said.  I received no compensation from them.


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