Friday, November 19, 2010

Fortified Friday--Freezer Cooking

Yes, I'm posting late.  God has been good today, but I have had some emotional ups and downs, too.  I thought I'd be going to bed much earlier, but I just couldn't.

My daughter had her book fair at school this week, and my mom happened to see this book.  We thought we'd give it a try.  So I looked through it, and I decided we needed to get busy.  So tomorrow, I am going shopping early and cooking most of the day.  Here's my potential list:
Colorful Chicken Casserole p. 11
Hearty Minestrone p. 12
Sweet BBQ Pork Chops p. 13
Three-Cheese Kielbasa Bake p. 16
Rhubarb Coffee Cake p. 66
Peanut Butter Cup Pie p. 99
Pizza Snacks p. 128
Breaded Chicken Patties p. 132
                                   Twice-Baked Rolls p. 147
                                   French Toast Sticks p. 151
                                   Puddingwiches p. 176

Okay, so I think I have a busy day of cooking.  We'll see how this goes.  I hope I can get it done and still have some down time.  By the way, all the recipes from last week turned out, especially the apple rice!  Wow, it was good.  Martin is here, so sometimes what I list will not be made.  He tends to change things, but that's fine.

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