Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Twilight Tuesday--A Product Review (Norforms)

I thought I would write tonight about a difficult period of time in my life health-wise.  A few years back, I really struggled with recurring yeast infections.  I don't think I had ever had one before, but  I knew what it was.  It happened around the time of my divorce, my engagement, and continued off and on for about 6 months or so.  I lost count of how many times I went to the doctor and how much medicine I tried.  I just  couldn't seem to get rid of it.  I was beside myself as to what to do.  I would get over it, and it would come right back.  Or I would just about get over it, and then my period would come, and I would have the same old horrible infection.

There was a wonderful product I found when skimming through drugstore.com one day, and I tried it on a whim and based on reviews.  It was a daily vaginal suppository.  I can't remember the exact name or what company because shortly after I got hooked on them, the company quit making them--typical, eh?

I was so glad when I found the product Norforms Long Lasting Feminine Deodorant Suppositories, Unscented, 12 suppositories.  This product is made by cb fleet.  Yes,  these are a feminine deodorant suppository that is used every night, but it works.  I am not certain how it works, but since using these, I have not had a yeast infection.  Perhaps I had the very beginning of one, but generally when I feel one coming on, I just use 2 that day rather than 1.  I don't use them during the heavy day of my period, but they sure work!

Here's my only problem.  It is very easy to find the scented kind, but the unscented cannot be found in stores!  I have to find them online, and they are sometimes very difficult to find.  I buy them in bulk.  I tried the scented kind, and it cause an itchy allergic reaction.

I use a suppository every night--last thing before bed.  Yes, it causes some dampness, but it's nothing major. And I find I am not itchy, and I feel clean.  And most importantly, no yeast infection!

Perhaps you can give these a try.  It is no problem to find the scented ones at Walmart and drugstores and online.  And you may not have a problem with them.  Give them a try.  I gave you the Amazon link, but you can find them most anywhere.  If you are like me and must have the unscented, you will have to order online. The company does not know I am doing a product review, but I plan to forward this onto them with the hopes that they will make it easier to find the unscented variety.  I cannot be the only one who is allergic to the scented ones.


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