Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Well-Spoken Wednesday--3 of my books came in at the same time!

I have an unusual dilemma.  I am currently reading Cape Refuge (Cape Refuge, No. 1),  I really enjoy it, and I know I have to finish it soon because it is a popular book at our library.  I will look forward to reviewing it here. If you like murder mysteries, this is great, and it is a Christian murder mystery--never read one of those.

At the same time, the book The Mailbox came in.  I can't read it right now, but hopefully I can renew it.

And then today, the book I had been waiting for came in: The Woman in White (Oneworld Classics).  There is only one copy amongst our various network of libraries.  I have to somehow finish it before it is due.  We'll see.  I was surprised to see how long it was!

So those are my current books--here's hoping I can read them all quickly and that they will be good!



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