Sunday, November 14, 2010

Solution Sunday--CSN Stores Review

I promised I'd do it, didn't I?  Okay, so I am one day before the giveaway ends.  Be sure to get your entries in!

I have won a total of 4 gift certificates from CSN stores.  I have not used them all yet--I've only used 2 so far.  And I have bought a total of  3 products.  I have not had them long,  but I think I can basically review them from what I have seen so far.

This was the first product I reviewed--a Deni Food Slicer Pro II, My mom was saying one night that she wished we had a food slicer for slicing roast beef for sandwiches, cheese, etc.  I got  on CSN's website, and I found a well-reviewed item.  I will tell you that I have not had the opportunity to use this yet, but I was pleased with the price--about $60--and the speed with which it arrived.  I'll try to remember to let  you know  how well it works once we  use it.

My second order included the item above--Carex memory foam knee  pillow--and a fish cat scratcher (not pictured, follow the link).  I will tell  you that the cats refuse to use the cat scratcher at this point--hope they will one day,but maybe in a couple months once they warm  up to it.  But the memory foam knee pillow!!  Oh, yes!  I have slept with a pillow between my legs since I was about  3-4 months  pregnant.  I have used a normal pillow  up  until I ordered this.  I cannot tell you how  wonderful it is!  It is soft and fits between my legs well.  It doesn't fall  out of my bed in the middle of the night.  It is so comfortable!  My daughter wanted to use it the first night it came in,  and being the selfish mother I  am, I told  her no!  It was mine.  I  highly recommend it, and the  price is good--just around $21.

I am anxiously awaiting this product!  It is the Eclipse Memory Foam Pillow.   It must be a popular product.  It was the first thing I tried to order, but it was out of stock.  I had  the company contact me when it was back in stock. So it should be coming early this week.

I have paid will Bill Me Later, but you can use Pay Pal and major credit cards as well.  The shipping is fact, and their collection is extensive.  My only complaint is that it is sometimes hard to find a specific item for which you are looking.  The search engine on the site is not very user friendly.  I find things much easier on Amazon.  But most of the time, CSN stores is cheaper than Amazon.  You just have to be sure to do your homework!

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