Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Twilight Tuesday--My Blog is Still Growing

For those of you following my quite regularly, you will know that I have gone through a lot over the past couple weeks.  Or longer--I tend to forget.  I have missed posts here and there, and  I was at 124 followers for so many weeks.  I didn't let it upset me too much, but after all, it gets disconcerting to see the same numbers for weeks on end.

Within the past couple days, I have jumped up 4 followers!  I took some risks in finding some stuff to give away--I hope to be able to actually do some sponsored giveaways.  I will spend  some time researching that over Christmas break.

I am so grateful to my wonderful followers.  It is neat to see you respond to my giveaways, and I can hardly wait to see what the future holds.  It is so nice to  see a different number of followers!  So thank you!


  1. Ok, I've had my blog for years now & it went no where. Mostly because I don't have the time to sit down & learn this stuff that that comes naturally to you guys. With that said, I have started fiddling with my blog again in my very limited time and have had a few of my own revelations about my own blog. After reading your blog today, which gets emailed to me-thank God! but I'm a lil behind in emails. I now have questions for you? Before I get to my questions I just want to say as a new follower of you, I do not expect to win nor get free books just for following you. I follow because something you said interested me enough to keep getting you delivered. Yeah, in the begining I found you because of a contest but I would have found you eventually, anyway ;) I don't get it, Is the number of followers really that important and if so for what? I have been entering blog contests like mad lately, sorta experimenting. The blogs that have really good, big big book givaways, make you jump through a zillion hoops to enter and even then it's never enough points to win, either my blog is not pretty enough or my following numbers aren't good enough (4) or isn't up to par to them to win because I can't figure out how to post their thingy on my sidebar. I'll even go as far to make a guess that some of the books offered by say, publishers, for a chance to win has a rule that the book can't go to just an avid book reader hobbiest, like myself. (witch is awful & I hope they aren't really doing this but who knows)But the book or items for winning has to go somewhere that shows more publicity. I don't know this for any facts but at certain blogs, I never win, no matter how long or great I comment & only select followers always seem to win and there are reasons for why this is happening one way or another because I can't believe a true random org shuffle picks the same 10 or so people for various contests with hundreds of comments. If this is the case then someone is really missing the bigger picture. Blogs are supposed to be personnal feelings written about whatever topic you created that blog for. It's your opinion on that topic and if you'd make that choice again. When ever I get my blog working with some kind of reliability I am not posting to stress myself on giving a false review, opinion, belief or whatever it may be to satisfy someone elses quota. Part of my reasonings are because of the law enforcement in me but mostly because I don't want to be accused of any thing!

  2. Yeahhh, I just figured out how to make my comments show up ;) So, Happy!
    Goodmorning, or it is here anyway ;) Thank you for following me. My blog I expect to be a wee boring blog until I get it figured, so I hope your up to it,lol. I'm on call all the time which is good bacause at least I'm working but my blog stuff takes up more time then I have to invest in it finding out what works & why. I'm pretty much teaching myself and it's definetly trial & error. As far as having any potential, coming from me, probably not ;)
    Yes, I agree without a doubt, 98% plus or minus one, are all legit blogs. What I meant with my comment was: out of all those ligit blogs out there, I suspect, that SOME books comes with some sorta price (<- I don't like this word but I can't think of a better one yet-Obligation maybe) but whatever the request, it is attached to it so when those books are aquired, they need to go to those winners who can tweet 50 plus times a day, facebook them and/or high give high publicity rates. (which is partly why I haven't won from those 2 or 3 sites, mostly because I can't give those books the publicity they need those books to have but this is only what I think about those 1 or 2 places)
    I more commented because (you know how black & white words written, depending on how you feel at the time of reading it, is how things gets interpreted?) This post, it sounded like you were sorta sad at first that your numbers hadn't changed and this was my poor attempt at helping, making you feel better & cheer you up ;)
    oh & diff note, I only used that false review part (not about you) I also get other blogged emails & In one of the contests I had entered, this posting talked about one bk that was really bad but promoted it with pretty shiney reviews(which it is that blogs opinion) but this was misleading readers & bloggers to buy this book. That's were my reference on false reviews part came in.