Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Well-Spoken Wednesday--2 Books I Love But Have NOT Finished Yet!

I had to give my very exciting copy of The Woman in White back to library yesterday.  Our library only has one copy, and at one point, there were four holds.  I really worked hard to read it and only got about half of it done. I know that some have reviewed it as boring, but I have absolutely loved it!  I did not want to send it back!

I first became interested in The Woman in White when Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical came out starring Michael Crawford!  I listened to the album and enjoyed it.  But I did not really understand the story line.  I just remembered that Michael Crawford played Count Fosco!  I so enjoy reading about that character and wish I could have seen Michael Crawford in it!  I know it got somewhat of a bad rap, but I think the musical was not marketed well.  I guess I don't find the story slow--it is just like many classics.  It has lots of detail, and I cannot say I know how the story will end.  I almost remember how the musical ended, but I never saw it--I only listened to it.  I definitely look forward to finishing this book.  Hopefully by January, it will be back in my hands.  I thought about looking up a free version online, but I decided to wait.

I am now reading a book that I knew very little about, and I honestly figured I wouldn't finish reading it.  It is called The Mailbox.  I had no idea it was a Christian book until I was reading the acknowledgements.  It is nice light reading, and I look forward to writing a review on here.  I should finish just in time for me to read The Help.  It is finally on its way to me after being in number 291 on the waiting list.  The library was at least smarter since they have about 10 copies of it.  I hope it lives up to it hype!


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