Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fall Into Reading Challenge 2010 Wrap-Up

Well, the challenge is officially over.  No, I did not finish all the books on my challenge list.  Since I last posted an update,  here is what I have done.

I read a book not on the list--The Help.  It was not on my list, but it came in at the library, so I read it.  I am currently reading Redeeming Love.  I will then finish The Woman in White.  

So out of 19 books on the challenge list, I completed 7 and one not on the list.  I also have half of two to finish.  I figured I wouldn't be able to read all the books that I put on the list, but that is fine.  I have no trouble with that.  Better to have  too many than too few.

I think the best part of this challenge was to know what book I would be reading next.  It was a totally random list in many ways--composed of books I had added to my library list.  I plan to be involved with a  couple challenges  next year.  We'll see what happens.

I want to thanks Katrina at callapidderdays.  She faithfully posted questions each week--that I often didn't have time to answer.  I plan to still read some books on my list.

What was my favorite?  Hard to say.  I think that the most surprising one was The Help.  Redeeming Love, my current read, has lived up to everything that everyone said it would be.  Woman in White is wonderful in spite of what people say.  

So that fall challenge is done.  Thanks to everyone who participated to make this a success!

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  1. I loved The Help!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Would love to have you join in on the Jane Austen challenge! Make sure to stop by my blog tomorrow where I have some fun news and important information about the challenge!

    Happy Reading and Merry Christmas!