Friday, December 24, 2010

Secret Santa Blog Hop

I had the opportunity this year to participate in a fantastic Secret Santa exchange--just for bloggers!  And this year, I am one, so I signed up, and I had a fantastic lady.  I had Emily Dye.  It was interesting.  I think we received our items just about the same time as each other.  She gave me some fantastic things!

She gave me a lovely cat card--look at her blog, and you will know that she is a cat lover!

Encased in 1 lovely gingerbread house box, I received good-sized tubes of earth therapeutics intensive heel repair and tea tree oil foot repair balm.

Encased in another lovely gingerbread house box, I received earth therapeutics soothing leg lotion, a small tube of heel repair balm, and cracked heel repair.

Then I also received a gong clock.  I have not had a moment to get this hooked up, but it looks really cool,  and I think it will be able to be used in my very busy life.

I don't know how she figured out what to get, but she must have known about the sorry state of my feet!  Talk about cracked heels, mine are about as bad as you could imagine!  And my legs need some tlc too!  The gong clock is neat novelty item, and I really feel blessed.  I can tell that Emily thought about what to get me, and she just didn't send out some junk.  Thank you, Emily!  I will definitely so this again next year!

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