Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Whatcha Reading Wednesday/Well-Spoken Wednesday

This week's Whatcha Reading Wednesday Teaser works like this:
Type in the FirstSentence of theLast Paragraph of the First Chapter that you are currently on in your book.Remember to alert any Spoilers

You can participate by leaving your WRW teaser in a comment below, or you can make a post on your own blog and link back to this post in the linky below. Feel free to use the WRW graphic, just please be sure to link back to Busy Moms Who Love to Read

Well, I get to participate in another one.  I would like to know why I am the first one to link up, but that is beside the point!!

This is my current read--I love it!  So here goes!

First sentence of the last paragraph of the first chapter:

(There is a Prologue, but I will go with the first official chapter.)

Lucky spent her off time deep in her cups.  "You gotta have plans, Angel.  You gotta hope for something in this world."

And for my blog followers, no I did not post a twilight Tuesday yesterday.  There was just no reason.  I posted, but it just didn't fit.  


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