Sunday, December 5, 2010

Solution Sunday--A Fantastic Product for Stomach Issues

I don't know if you have this problem, but I will tell you that gastric issues have become and increasing problem for me in the past year or two.  I actually eat a lot healthier than I once did, but I am surrounded by stress and eating at strange times due to a schedule that changes day by day.

That picture shows how I felt today!  While I was leading a children's choir at church, I became overcome with severe cramping.  All I could think about was getting home and taking my CharcoCaps.
CharcoCaps Homeopathic Anti-Gas Formula Capsules, Model No : 2003 - 36 Ea I won these originally from a blog giveaway (sorry, I don't remember which one), and I thought, "I certainly don't need these."  I only suffered from gas now and then, and when it was bad, I just used my mom's omeprazole.  Normally those worked.  As did old-fashioned Tums or Rolaids.

One day a couple months ago, I got some gas pains (I tend to get them mid-cycle now and sometimes during my period), and I decided  to try the CharcoCaps.  And you know what?  They worked!  I raved about them to my mom who takes omeprazole every day.  She sometimes still suffers, and she even tried these with great success.

Today, I had the worst attack or gas I had in a while, and  these were the only thing that knocked the gas pains out.  I even recommended them to someone in church today.  I like the fact that these are natural.  You also have to watch that you don't take them at the same time as your other vitamins or medicine because they tend to soak everything up.

I highly recommend you check out CharcoCaps.  I carry these with me at work now because I know that I can have an attack come on as a result of stress or just being bloated.  They tend to work after about 30-40 minutes, but you may have to take another dose in a couple hours to really find lasting relief.  You can find these at the drugstore, and you can go to their website and download a coupon.

I plan  to submit this review to CharcoCaps, but I cannot guarantee anything.  I would love to do something to introduce people to this fine product, but all I can do right now is review it.

So be sure to check out


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