Friday, December 3, 2010

Fortified Friday--I'm Being Lazy!

Well, I am being lazy with planning out meals tonight.  However, I will give you feedback on my recent recipe trials.

I did the freezer cooking I talked about in this post.  I highly recommend this book:
Almost without exception, every recipe I have tried has been fantastic!

The Sweet BBQ pork chops have to be the best.  They have a fantastic flavor that comes from an unusual ingredient--Catalina dressing.  These only get better in the freezer.

The Three-Cheese Kielbasa bake has great flavor.  It is kind of a lasagna with kielbasa, and I certainly could have inhaled more than I did!

The colorful chicken casserole was somewhat flavorless.  We redid it as a chicken chowder, and it tasted much better.  That might sound strange, but we were just creative.  Actually, it was Martin who was.

Our family is not into soup much, but the hearty minestrone is fantastic!  Even my daughter ate it.  That is saying something since she is the pickiest of us all.

Peanut Butter Cup Pie was awesome.  The Puddingwiches are great and satisfy the sweet tooth.  The pizza snacks and the breaded chicken patties were also good--nice and fast.  That's all I got done, but I don't think that was too bad.

As for this week, I have 3 recipes, and I am stealing them.

I've told you about the 5-minute mom before, and she has begun posting a week's worth of meals with shopping lists.  It's pretty handy.  The one I am using is from Thanksgiving week, but it will work for us.  Here's the link.

The recipes are:  Beef, Mushroom, and Barley soup

Curried coconut chicken

Walnut French Toast

I'll let you know how it goes.  I look forward to trying these fantastic recipes!


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