Monday, December 13, 2010

Music Monday--Reminiscing

Well, I have been a fan of Sesame Street since I was about third grade or  so.  I'm sure you read that and  think that I meant 3 years old.  Nope.  I didn't discover Sesame Street nor Mister Rogers Neighborhood until I was around third grade.  I happened upon it on PBS.  I absolutely fell in love with Mister Rogers.  I still have an e-mail from him that I cherish.  It was hard when he died, but I know that he was a Christian--I am totally convinced.

Sesame Street brings up other interesting things in my childhood.  I checked out a record from the library called "Bob Sings."  It is no longer available.  But I see Bob McGrath of Sesame Street as my earliest voice teacher.  That  album was filled with beautiful songs, and I sang along, trying to match his voice.  Yes, he is aged now, but I still love to see him now and then with Sesame  Street crew.

I am posting one of his early songs from Sesame Street - Christmas Eve on Sesame Street.  I remember the first  time I saw this.  I stayed up late one Christmas Eve--I think  it was around 11 or midnight, and I loved it.  I had heard it on an album, but I hadn't seen it.  So here goes.  I guess I have a lot more I need to post from  my childhood, don't I?  You guys might really find me crazy once you read about my childhood dreams.  But they are a part of who I am.


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