Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Well-Spoken Wednesday--"Letters to Juliet" movie review

I have to admit I racked my brain trying to think about what to talk about tonight.  It's been so busy, and I often feel I cannot catch my breath.  I hope to get busy once my Christmas break comes with getting some meatier posts and truly networking.  I hope to create an e-book and possibly develop some freebies I can share with you  each month that relates to this blog.  I really do want to improve as a blogger.  I have lots to learn, and  maybe I'll have some time!

Now to the movie review.  A couple weeks  ago--maybe 3 now--I happened to request a movie from the library.  I saw it advertised on our Direct TV pay per view channel, and I liked the fact that it had Taylor Swift's song "Love Story" on it.  That is a song that God has used in my own life in regards to the promises concerning Martin.  So I thought I'd give it a try.  I remember when it came out in the theaters, and I wanted to see it, but as usual,  I don't get  to see films I want to see unless they appeal to my daughter.

I was fortunate to be one of the first at our library to receive this movie. I sat down on a Friday night, and I began to watch it.  Although the engaged couple were living together, there were no bedroom scenes and no really bad language.  That was refreshing.  And I looked forward to seeing Vanessa Redgrave in it.  I remember her from Camelot.  She was always so beautiful and such a great actress.  As they all were  in that family.

I was  drawn into the premise of the movie.  People would write letters to Juliet and leave them on the wall of  her supposed house.  Then Italian ladies would  answer the letters.  An American lady, Sophie, who is engaged to a chef, Gael, has come to Italy with her fiancée for a "pre-honeymoon."  The idea is to spend some quality time together before they get married.  He is preoccupied with his chef and restaurant duties.  She is left to her own devices,  and she finds and unanswered letter to Juliet from some 40 years ago.  Sophie answers it.

Enter Vanessa Redgrave as the grandmother Claire to Charlie, a young impudent from England.  Claire has come to find her long-lost love.  Charlie is against the entire quest.  But as he and Sophie help Claire to find her love, Charlie and Sophie unwittingly fall in love.  You can probably figure out the rest.  I'll  just say it has a happy ending as chick flicks always must!

This movie touched me because Charlie is a proud Englishman who does not believe in romance.  And  he was oh so handsome!  The actor, Christopher Egan, is dashing!  And I couldn't help but think of Martin.  Yes, I was brought to tears.  There I was crying like a silly schoolgirl at the end  of the film.  What a sap I have become!

I got to watch the film again the next day because my mom wanted to see it.  It was so nice to see a nice film with virtually no bad language or questionable scenes.  And Vanessa Redgrave--it was so nice to see an older lady who has not bought into all  the plastic surgery garbage.  While she is definitely aged, her figure is still flawless, and she has loads of spunk.  I enjoyed her a lot.

So if you get  a chance, buy or rent (or check your library) Letters to Juliet.  If you like a good romance film,  check it out!

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