Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday--I Bought Some New Books

Okay, so they are new to me.  They are all used.  It all began with a read-along I happened to see on one of the many blogs I follow--Colletta's Kitchen Sink   The book is Queen of the Castle: 52 Weeks of Encouragement for the Uninspired, Domestically Challenged or Just Plain Tired Homemaker.  I was intrigued because I sometimes struggle to be consistent with my devotional time.  I like having some accountability.  This goes with some of  my challenges, and so I decided to check out  

I found a good price on the book, and as I always do, I checked to see what else this seller had to sell.  They had quite an inventory.  No CD's, movies or video games appealed to me, so I began to check out the books.
I began in the historical romance section, and I found a book I had just added to my to-read list on  

I should have stopped there, but I just thought I would look around some more.  I ended up looking through Christian books, and I spied two by Andrew Murray.  I have heard great things about him, and my mother always enjoyed his books.  So I got:

         and I also got   Entering the Presence of God by Andrew Murray (no link to anywhere, sorry).

I didn't stop after that.  I kept looking.  I found:


So how much did all 7 books cost together?  Around $23.  I know they are all used, but that never bothers me.      I also know that I have a lot of books  here, but I had some money from Christmas, and this seemed like a nice treat.

So  add this challenge to my list from yesterday.  I should have the book in time for at least the second week of the challenge.  But that's fine.    I'll catch up!  Hope you can join us!                                                                        


  1. So glad you shared these. I really need a good devotional for the new year - I hardly stick with anything. Many Blessing to you - and Happy New Year!