Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday--Valentine's Day Swap??

I know, I know.  Christmas is not even past, and I am already thinking about Valentine's Day?  Why not?  The stores will have Valentine's Day stuff out right after Christmas.  Maybe even before!

I have been thinking about some fun things we could do, and I thought a lot about some kind of swap for Valentine's Day.  Let me explain.  A couple years ago, I was a part of some yahoo groups that did swaps for the main holidays and sometimes just for fun.  I always loved participating.  Only one time did I have an issue, and the person in charge of the swap set things right.  We did all sorts of swaps--cards, homemade items, kid's items, and just general things, maybe based on a theme.  This is one thing I miss about those groups.

So I thought I would come to you and see what the interest might be.  I had a few thoughts, and I created a poll at the bottom of this post that I would encourage you to fill out.  It does not mean that if you vote that you have to participate.  I realize that finances and/or privacy protection may be an issue.  You would have to share your address, and you may just have to buy something.  But I would ask that no matter what that you at least vote in my poll.

Let me explain a couple of the items.  If we did a "secret" swap, it would be like having a secret pal.  You would know who you had, but that person wouldn't know until the unveiling.  A kid's swap would be a chance for your children to make cards or something else and exchange with another kid or kids.  A card swap is just that.  You often swap cards with everyone who signs up, but that is certainly not set in stone.  A book swap is pretty self-explanatory.  A swap based on a theme would be like using hearts or some other thing to be the theme around which the items center.

I welcome your comments on this post.  Please comment if you want to clarify things about the poll or submit other ideas.  There is not a close date on this poll yet, but there will be in a couple weeks or so.

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  1. I am not at all familiar with online swaps and don't know how they work but it sounds like fun. I voted for a secret swap but the others sound good as well. I am now a subscriber of your blog so I will keep my eyes open for what develops.