Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Six (11/13)

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Time for me to  get in on the action again!  I've been so busy, I could not do a blog hop, but here we go.

If you're reading this, this means you survived the week. Bravo! This also means it's time for Saturday Six with Boobies & The Zombie Housewife. Ashlee has an adorable new blog layout and button, so if you haven't snagged her new button--go ahead and do it, why dontcha?

Anyway...let's get down to business, shall we? Grab our Saturday Six button, slap it on a post, answer the following six questions, and link up! Please DO NOT link to your giveaways or random posts. (Visit me tomorrow for Show Me Yours Sunday...Giveaway Linky.) If you aren't participating-we'd prefer you NOT link up. It's just not polite folks. That'd be like us showing up to your Granny's birthday party without a gift just to eat your free food, aight? 

This week's theme is all about movies! So get your typing fingers ready you film phenoms!

1. What's the last movie you watched in a movie theater?
2. Share some movies with us that are guaranteed to make you cry.
3. What's your personal favorite movie genre?
4. What's the last flick you watched?
5. Give us your top 5 favorite movies.
6. Now tell us some of your most hated...
My Answers


Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

I took my daughter and her friend to this film.  They loved it, and I will say that the 3-D was quite exceptional in this movie.


All  guaranteed tear-jerkers!

3.  Hard to say.  I am sucker for a love story, but musicals are fantastic as well.  Give me a comedy, family movie--oh, decisions are so tough!  I would say my favorite genre is the classics--specifically musicals.


Watched it last night and again tonight.  I loved  it!



I didn't begin to cover all the films  I could have,  but this a good beginning.  Thanks for reading!


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