Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Twilight Tuesday--God is Certainly At Work

First of all, I honestly will publish the winners of the giveaways that ended recently.  All winners have been verified.  I planned on it tonight, but our Internet  was down for a good hour tonight which put me way behind.  So I plan on it tomorrow.  Let's hope.

As to tonight, I really have some good stuff to write about.  At this time two years ago, I had no clue I would be back in Washington state and subbing in 10 districts--just added my 10th one  today.  I was in a comfortable full-time  position.  I had a house.  And then decisions began to be made.  So I find myself here.

When I came here a couple summers ago, I was sure I would get a job.  I was interviewed for a total of 6 positions.  And I didn't get one!  And there were lots of hang-ups with getting my paperwork done so I could  sub in this state.  I can remember one time coming back from one  of those interviews in tears and being certain that this was God's way of saying I should never have moved.  After all, wasn't God supposed to work everything out for me?

Talk about "twilight moments," it was a whole year of twilight moments.  I got a late start on subbing, and very rarely did anyone request me.  No real positive feedback.  Until I got the long-term  sub job.  That was honestly a great thing for which  I shall always be glad.  He still requests me whenever he can this year!

As I entered this school year, I was looking forward to getting to sub.  But I still felt like I was kind of swimming upstream.  How could I get the word out about me?  I could be really pushy.  I know  that is how many subs get their  jobs.  But you know, I didn't want to.  So I have just continued to do my job and work in every district possible.

The most exciting moment came last night.  I was booked for today, My friend  called my mom wondering if I  was available.  Then I got a sub request last night for a junior high that I love and is quite prestigious.  Word is beginning to get out about me.  I make it a point  to leave detailed  notes, and somehow I tend to give out this confident air that causes teachers to want me to sub.  In fact, as  I was talking with a teacher today, she was glad to find out that there were well-qualified subs out there who are real teachers.  Yes, that's me!

God has indeed answered.  Maybe I have had to work  harder than most, but it is worth every moment  to be able to see God work in the way He has.  So I don't have a full-time job,  but word it getting out about me.  And I am certain I am where God wants me.

So it's not a truly twilight any more,  is  it?  Well, I suppose it is because I can't see the entire picture.  But that's fine.  I leave it all in God's hands!

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  1. I hope things work out for you to stay mostly in a good school. I would hate having to jump around.
    As a former teacher, I can tell why I would ask for a sub to return.
    1. She did her best to follow my instructions as to the lessons. I always wrote out separate instructions for a sub.
    2. She just didn't hand out papers with no regard as to checking to see if the students completed their work.
    3. She kept some sort of discipline. I taught 5th grade, and I had a system, and usually left some type of rewards. I was not happy when the sub gave out all of my candy or treats when I knew the group/groups had been really bad.
    4. I liked the written notes about what she got accomplished, and who gave her the most problems, or who was the most helpful. I would find out anyway from the other teachers or kids, but I would rather hear it from the sub. Not negative notes, just informative notes. I would talk to those who didn't show her respect or have the admin talk to them.
    I know school districts are different everywhere, but we had a curriculum that had deadlines, and if a sub didn't do the work, then I had to do double duty when I returned.
    Sounds like you are doing your job. I know it's not easy. I subbed before I went back and finished my degree. It's very hard.
    Good luck, and keep us posted.