Friday, January 14, 2011

Fortified Friday: Queen of the Castle Week 2/Pantry Challenge

I'm killing two birds with one stone.  Two challenges in one post.  So here goes.

So this week is a week of celebrating how hard homemakers work and how little value society puts on it.  Well, I definitely agree.  When I look at stay-at-home moms who homeschool and take care of their kids and don't lose their minds, I am amazed.  I could never do it.  At one time, I thought I could.  I got a taste of it this summer, and my daughter and I both went crazy!  I agree with the author that women often get themselves too scheduled and they neglect their families.  That is something I certainly try not to do.  I used to really get involved with all sorts of other things, but now I have cut out a lot of things.  I like being able to spend time with my daughter, and I also know that I need time to myself.  I can't give up either of those.  While my job often takes me away from my home, I have no choice and probably will never be a stay-at-home mom.  But it's okay.  I think the part where she talks about comparing yourself to another homemaker was good.  We don't need to do that.  We need to celebrate our strengths and not worry that our house is not as nice as the lady down the street.  God has gifted us, and He enables us to use those as we are able.

Now to the pantry challenge!  I finally have some recipes to post!

I made the decision that I would go through our pantry and list about 5-6 things I wanted to use up this week.  I just can't get too overwhelmed or I'll stop the challenge altogether.  So here we go.

I will be using:
1.  prepared sugar-free chocolate pudding
2.  can of golden mushroom soup
3.  bottle of gourmet sauce
4.  cream cheese
5.  bottle of honey mustard dressing
6.  tater tots

So what I did was look specifically online for easy recipes using these.  And sure enough, here is what I found.

1.  Chocolate cream cheese dessert
(The recipe is the third one down, I think.)

2. Campbell's Golden Mushroom Pork Chops
(I might make this tomorrow.)

3.  Yoshida's Gourmet Chicken
(We have had an almost empty bottle of this in the fridge for too long!)

4.  Holiday Beef Roast
(So what if the holidays are over?  I could make this for MLK day on Monday!)

5.  Healthier Tater Tot Casserole
(Isn't it nice to know that tater tots are not completely unhealthy?)

Okay, so there we go.  I'll let you know how everything goes this week!


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