Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sporadic Saturday--Love it Or Lose It Week 2/52 Weeks of Organizing Week 2

Well, here is that update about these 2 challenges. I know I keep promising pictures, but I have been recovering from the worst cold I have had in years, so this is the second week with no pictures.  Maybe next week??

Over at Crazy Domestic, this challenge is in its second week.  I actually plan on continuing this challenge all year long if I can.  This week, I tackled things a little different.  I did get rid of the blue pair of pants I wasn't sold on last week.  When they came out of the laundry, I decided--LOSE IT!  A couple items I had never worn got to be worn this week.  I worse some cute sweaters and blazers.  I have discovered that my style is definitely a tank top or sleeveless top underneath a sweater or a blazer.  I wore a really cute pair of jeans that are frayed at the bottom and have darling embroidery on them, and I looked so good in that with a cute sweater I had never worn and a top that gave it a little class.

I am sorry I am not too specific this week--I was sick, and I am only now feeling better.  My plan this week is to take a picture every morning before I wear it so I can talk about what I worse in specifics.  So I rediscovered some good clothes and got rid of one.  Not bad.

Onto Org Junkie.  I have been doing my best to follow through in spite of my illness.  Again, no pictures.  I've got to go print the bookmark she talks about!  And I absolutely love her acronym!  I think I need that, too.

As for this week, I did get Christmas clothing put away.  We even had a power outage, and I took out a flashlight, stood on a ladder, and put the last of the clothes away.  I may still find one or two leftovers at some point, but as far as I know, it is put away!

As to what I should have done by now, I don't.  My goal was to purge the magazines from the living room.  Now, I am not making excuses, but I wanted to start last night, and Martin said the light was too bright.  I got rid of about 3 magazines in the living room, I think.  I will complete this task this week.  I will  hopefully get the bookshelf straightened as I look towards week 3.  It is a holiday on Monday,  so maybe I'll be lucky.  

All right, that should do it.  


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