Thursday, January 6, 2011

Well-Spoken Wednesday--Thank You For Your Comments

First of all, I tried to post this last night, and blogger wouldn't let me.  So I figured I would wait until this morning--I knew I had the time.

Today I would like to highlight my terrific readers.  It has been exciting to see the comments that people are posting!  I know you may have a reason--entering the giveaway--but I want to thank you for your well-spoken comments.  I may not always respond to you specifically--I try to--but just know that I appreciate each and every comment you write.  I even enjoy the comments on the giveaway post.  It is fun to see what gems you have found on the CSN store site.

What I appreciate the most is that you are really thinking as you post these comments.  You are not just commenting to be commenting.  It reminds me that when I comment on other people's blogs that I need to do the same thing!  Thanks again!


  1. You're very welcome Ruth. I think you have captured our interests!

  2. I still owe you a guest post....and I'm still working on it, I have a portion of it written, I just need to finish it. Don't give up on me!