Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sporadic Saturday--Some Recommendations

Well, I have a yeast infection--it has infected me vaginally but also in my mouth.  My poor tongue is coated with white junk and it hurts.  Thankfully, it is better today, and I am doing the normal treatment.  I have never had one that was so painful in my mouth!  I don't know why except that things have been stressful.  I had a mild one, and then right after the treatment, my period came.  Bad timing.  It went straight into a worse infection!

As I researched my problem yesterday, I realized that I needed to head over to Super Supplements.  I had always heard of this store, but I had never been to one.  As I looked at various products, I discovered quickly that if I went to this store, I would be able to get a couple things to help me.  So I went.

When I walked in, I was amazed!  This place is awesome!!  While some of the prices are a little high, when you realize that this place has natural products that are hard to find elsewhere, I really think it's worth it.

Have you heard about tea tree oil?  I had been using a couple products with this, but I had no idea that it fought yeast infections and so much more.  Both of the products I am currently using are made with tea tree oil.  I can't comment on Yeast Arrest.  I only started using it last night, but hopefully it will help my problem.  I can comment on Jason's Healthy Mouth mouthwash.  I am amazed at how wonderful  this stuff is.  I use it, and my white tongue immediately looks normal!  My mouth sores are beginning to heal.  Tea tree oil does have an unusual flavor and smell, but it works well!

So that is my post for today.  I'll get caught up on my challenges tomorrow.


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