Monday, January 3, 2011

Music Monday--Challenge Week #1

Well, it is here.  This is my first post for this challenge. Music Challenge 2011.  All you need to do to participate is sign up here and then begin to post CD reviews either in the comment section or leave the url in the comment section.

I have 2 CD's to review today.  While these are not new CD's to me, I am getting the chance to critically review them on here.

4Troops.  This group has impressed me from the first time I heard them on the Fox and Friends show.  I was impressed because they are made up of 4 former soldiers, and  all of their proceeds go to vets and Fallen Heroes.  There are 3 guys, and one lady, and I really like the way they present themselves.  Read about the individuals involved in the group here.  I will tell you that my favorite of the four is Ron Henry.  I would love for him to release an album on his own!

To  the review--Most of their music is re-released versions of other well-known inspirational and patriotic songs.  They begin with one of my all-time favorite songs Bless the Broken Road.  I personally feel that their version of it is even better than the Rascal Flatts version, but that is just my opinion.  Then on to For Freedom.  I think this was the first song I ever heard them sing.  And this is their message.  Why are people willing to serve in the military?  To protect our freedom!  We had better be thankful.  Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue truly is a surprise.  I have always loved Toby Keith's original version, but these four bring a different light to this song.  No longer do we see the "Angry American."  We see those that are willing to serve and fight, but negative emotions are in check.  I was not certain that I liked this version at first, but I have to admit that the positive take on the song does inspire me.  Tear-jerker alert!  I'm Already There.  I like the different take on it since the female in the group becomes the one who is gone, and one of the guys becomes the husband who stays home.  It truly made me think about the women who sacrifice for their country, not just the men.  Dance With My Father.  All I can say is go Ron!!  Meredith has her best song in Angel.  Her voice tends to be a little harsh at times, but her voice has a great sweetness and softness in this song. Galveston--always a perpetual favorite.   And who doesn't love You Raise Me Up?  I love the harmony of this song!  When I was listening to You'll Never Walk Alone, my daughter was in the car.  She wasn't too interested in the song until they began to sing it in a soulful style.  And I have to admit it gives this song a fun twist.  The patriotic medley includes America the Beautiful and You're a Grand Old Flag as well as The Battle Hymn of the Republic.  Indeed my second favorite on the album.  Here We've Been and Raise Your Glasses do not really resonate with me.  I prefer the latter, but they just haven't gotten to me yet.

I would recommend this DVD as well.  I got it, and I was very impressed with their live performances.  While they have somewhat of a raw talent as a group, their harmony and the reason they are doing this really resonates with me!

Now as much as I would like to, I am going to only review this album tonight. I will put the other one off until later.  It is just too late.  I will end with a video, however.

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